Monday, July 19, 2010

My Character: Avellen

My character is a human scout. He is a level four. I have killed countless armies of everything. I am well known throughout the empire.

As a scout my major skills are blade, block, alcamy, light armor, acrobatics, and athletics. 

My minor skills are everything else. To rank up faster look for trainers.        

I have done things that would make you cry. Oh and yes I am a geek about this game! If you want it look for it at GameStop.

And kill some demons for me! Or kill them for yourself or for your mom or someone! Just kidding about the mom thing. 

Quests - Main, Minor, and Factions

Oblivion has quests to do. There are three types of quests. First is the main quest which is where you need to save the empire, battle hordes of demons, kill the worshipers of a demon god, and help defeat a demon god.

Second are the faction quests. You can unlock magic galore with the mages guild. Or you can smash skulls to the wall with the fighter’s guild. Borrowing items your thing? Join the thieves’ guild! Hunt in darkness and slit throats with the dark brotherhood.

Third are the minor quests. Help people for all sorts of rewards. Or don’t whatever you want. But is it worth a magic sword?

Welcome to Tamariel

Oblivion is a fun role playing game. 

You can make a character and pick your skills [swords, magic, ECT.] You can buy a home and a horse. You can join a guild and make friends. And you can do so much more!

Oblivion is the role playing game of 2005! It is also the 2005 game of the year. The game is rated T for teen. It was made by the Elder Scrolls.

Oblivion can be on the pc or the Xbox 360. There are some expansions for it too. 

Oblivion is one of my favorite games.

You can learn more about Oblivion at the Elder Scrolls Website found here: